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Contemporary counted cross stitch kits

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So, how do you do cross stitch?

Cross stitch is a really simple craft to learn and therefore can quickly become a relaxing and rewarding hobby.


To help you along a bit we have created some instructional videos and written a fully illustrated how to cross stitch guide which can be downloaded for free.


These should give you all the basic information needed to get going but if you are still stuck, take a look at our FAQs or get in touch and we will do our best to help.



A guide to our cross stitch fabrics

Our larger cushion kits offer you the choice of 14 count linen aida or 28 count linen as your cross stitch fabric. So what's the difference I hear you cry? Well aida is good for beginners and maybe those who have poorer eyesight as the holes are bigger. You stitch into every hole and so it can be easier to count where the next stitch should go. Our aida has a linen finish so that the two fabrics are not dissimilar in colour.


Linen is a finer fabric, softer and less stiff than aida. The holes are smaller and so the instruction to stitch 'over two' means that you use every other hole to stitch into. Because of this our 14 count aida and 28 count linen both create the same sized stitched pattern.


We have used examples of both linen and aida fabrics in our completed samples. Our tartan trout for example is stitched onto aida and floral finch onto linen so you can have a look and see the effect of material choice on the finished article.

On aida you stitch into every hole, like this...

Cross stitching over two on linen

On linen you stitch into every other hole or 'over two', like this...

figure 2 crop Fabric text