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Contemporary counted cross stitch kits

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x I’m a complete novice - will I get on OK?

We skill rate each of our designs to show you how easy they will be to tackle. Easy ones are best for complete beginners. Generally they involve little or no backstitch, only whole cross stitches and simple to follow patterns. We also include a full illustrated how to cross stitch guide with each kit or as a free downloadable pdf from the website. We also have three video tutorials available. If none of that works get in touch and we will give you some one on one advice.


x I’m really struggling with a bit of one of your designs.

Drop us an email and we will do what we can to help.


x I’ve run out of a thread in my kit?

No problem. We try really hard to accurately estimate the amount of thread that will leave you with plenty to spare in case you get in a tangle, but everyone stitches differently so this might happen on occasion! Please get in touch and let us know the kit, colour number and how much more you think you will need and we will pop some extra in the post at no further charge.


x I have a great idea that I’d like as a pattern or kit. Can you help?

Of course! We’d love to hear from you and are happy to accept bespoke orders.


x I want to buy your kit as a gift - do you offer gift wrap options?

If you pop us an email prior to purchasing, we can make sure we have the correct delivery address, details of the recipient, any

message that you’d like to include and we will gift wrap the item for you.


x Do you offer completed cushions or pictures that are already stitched with your designs?

Unfortunately not. Some of our kits take many hours to stitch (and for those of us that love stitching, that is part of the pleasure) and as such it would be too expensive to offer ready stitched items. Maybe you could buy a kit and ask a stitchy friend to make it for you as a gift?


x Are you planning on expanding your range? 

Absolutely. We are designing all the time - focussing on smaller designs, downloadable patterns and designs for children in the foreseeable future. We like to test each one of our patterns to make sure that they are completely correct and that all the colours work together. Therefore it can take a little while to get our products from the idea phase to being completely market ready.


x I’ve spotted an error in one of your patterns

Oops! In the unlikely event that you find an error, please let us know so that we can correct it for any future purchasers. We would also be happy to email or post to you an amended correct pattern.